Within Falcon Deploy, we bring together users working on a particular project – forming a team which consists of users with different roles within the organization. A team can consist of developers, business analysts, quality analysts, scrum masters, project managers, team managers, and anybody who is related to a particular project. The intent is to manage people and permissions as a unit rather than managing at an individual level. A team can receive a role grant that everyone in the team inherits automatically.

Imagine a large team that works on a particular project and needs access to an application repository. It is laborious to grant privileges individually. Instead, an Admin can create a Role, grant the privilege on the Application repository to the Role and grant the Role to the Team. Everyone in the Team gets the privilege to add/edit files in the repository. When a new user gets added to a Team, he/she automatically obtain these privileges. When someone moves or changes to a different project, the Team Admin can remove the user from the Team, and the person no longer retains those privileges.

Managing Teams

You can access Team functionality from the left sidebar in the application home page.

List Teams

Clicking on Teams, opens the list of teams in the main content area. Click on Team Name to view the list of users in the team. This page also shows the privileges (direct grants and role grants) granted to the team.

Create Team

This functionality is available to administrators. Click on the Create Team button found at the top right corner of the main section. On the CREATE TEAM page, fill and submit the form to create a new team. 

  • Users ‐ Search for an existing user to add the user to the team.
  • Direct Grants ‐ Search for an existing application repository to grant READ ONLY or READ & WRITE privilege on the repository to the team.
  • Role Grants ‐ Search for an existing role to grant to the team.

Update Team

Click on the team name to access the UPDATE TEAM page. You can add or remove users to/from the team. You can grant or revoke direct grants and role grants on the application repository to/from the team.

Delete Team

Click on Team Name to access the UPDATE TEAM page. Use the Delete button at the bottom of the page to delete the team.

Updated on March 13, 2019

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