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Post-Install Steps

Falcon Deploy Installation and Configuration (helper) application will run the very first time you start the application. This application will help you configure database, storage directories, path to sqlplus executable, password encryption salt and email server.

Helper Application

The Falcon Deploy Installation and Configuration (Helper) application walks you through few pages, accepting values and configuring Falcon Deploy as you proceed. Upon successful completion of this wizard, Falcon Deploy configures the falcon.properties file which can be found at $FALCON_HOME/config/falcon.properties. Compare this file to an initialization parameter file initSID.ora of an Oracle database.

The file has configurations that are required for Falcon Deploy to function correctly. Instead of hand configuring the properties file, we provide this web application to make it easier and simpler for our users.

Launch the helper application using a browser pointing to the server and port where application is running. The address depends on the installation method you used. If you used the first 2 methods, the address is of the form http://HOSTNAME/IP:8080. If you used the third method, the address is of the form http://<HOSTNAME/IP>:8080/falcon-deploy-<ver>.

Database Configuration

This page is used to configure the database connection properties. This is the Falcon Deploy application database. It contains metadata and data for Falcon Deploy to function. Falcon Deploy automatically creates the required schema objects during startup. Please ensure you configure the tablespace, database schema and permissions as given in the Pre-Install Steps document.

  • Database URL ‐ The connection string for the database.
  • Database User Name ‐ The schema name, preferably ‘falcon’
  • Database Password ‐ The schema password. Use strong password.
Screen example: Database configuration page

Primary and Backup location Configuration

Refer to our user guide to understand the use of these directories. These are the directories created when completing the pre-installation requirements.

  • The primary location should be /falcon_deploy/primary
  • The backup location should be /falcon_deploy/backup
  • Note, the ORACLE_HOME location should be the path to the sqlplus executable.
Screen example: Primary and Backup location configuration page

Email Server

In this page, you configure the email server used for notifications.

Refer to our user guide for more information.

Screen example: Email server configuration page

Encryption Salt

In this page, you will provide the encryption key also called as SALT. Falcon Deploy will use this as a key to encrypt data. You should use a strong key. You should not change it as the application will no longer be able to decrypt existing, encrypted credentials that are stored in the database.

Screen example: Encryption configuration page

Upon submission, Falcon Deploy will configure the falcon.properties file and save it to $FALCON_HOME/config

Screen example: Successful configuration page

After completing the Falcon Deploy Installation and Configuration (Helper) application, we are ready to bring up the Falcon Deploy application. Simply stop and start the same falcon-deploy-<ver>.war file. This time, it will start the Falcon Deploy application.

Database Objects

When performing a new installation, start with the latest version of the Falcon Deploy software. You only need the falcon-deploy-ver.war file from the zip file you downloaded. The WAR file generates the database DDL (SQL) file in the $FALCON_HOME directory. When the Falcon Deploy application is started for the first time, the database objects (tables, indexes, etc.) are automatically created.

The FALCON schema initialization parameter fd.schema.init controls this behavior when the application starts. A value of TRUE will create the schema objects (DDL) upon application startup. Falcon Deploy automatically changes the value to FALSE upon successful schema creation. The parameter remains set to FALSE after that.

The parameter file is located at $FALCON_HOME/config/falcon.properties

If there are errors during the schema initialization, the schema setup is aborted and the parameter value remains set to TRUE and is not changed to FALSE. Please fix the database error, and then restart the Falcon Deploy application to complete the schema setup. Note, you will have to start with an empty schema if you have to re-try the schema setup due to a failed installation.

Refer to the steps mentioned in the Pre-Install document to create the falcon schema.

Super Administrator

The first page that loads when starting up Falcon Deploy application is the Super Admin Sign Up Form. Please complete the form and submit to get started.

Learn more about Super Administrators.

Updated on March 13, 2019

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