The falcon.properties file is required for the Falcon Deploy application to function. Most of the items here are automatically configured for you in the previous step. Do not modify the contents of this file unless we instruct you through support or documentation. Most changes to this file are done directly from within the Falcon Deploy application. Occasionally, we may ask you to make changes to this file directly.

The file is located at $FALCON_HOME/config/falcon.properties

fd.schema.initBooleanFalcon schema initialization parameter. A value of TRUE will create the schema objects (DDL) upon application startup. Falcon Deploy automatically changes the value to FALSE upon successful schema creation. Do not modify this parameter unless explicitly instructed by Falcon Deploy support team or Falcon Deploy documentation.N/a
datasource.urlStringFalcon Deploy database schema connection string.N/a
datasource.usernameStringFalcon Deploy database schema name.
datasource.passwordPasswordFalcon Deploy database schema password.N/a
salt.encryption.keyStringPassword Salt. Used for strong encryption.N/a
primary.directory.urlStringThe primary directory location.
backup.directory.urlStringThe backup directory location./falcon_deploy/backup
oracle.home.directory.urlStringThe directory location where sqlplus executable is installed.N/a
display.connection.descriptorBooleanWhen set to TRUE, the databases listed in Mapping page can show the full connection string on hover. Also, logfiles have the connection string in the banner. This is to accurately identify the database where the script is deployed.TRUE
mail.hostStringYour email server name. Most often smtp.yourprovider.comN/a
mail.usernameEmailYour email address. Notifications are sent using this email address.N/a
mail.passwordPasswordYour Email password.N/a
mail.portNumberSMTP port for email configuration. The default SMTP port is 25. Some providers do not use port 25. In this case, you can check port 587 which is supported by almost every outgoing SMTP server, and it’s useful for unencrypted or TLS connections. Port 465 is used if you need to connect via SSL.N/a
mail.ssl.enableBooleanEnable use of SSL for SMTP connections in Email configuration.FALSE
mail.tls.reqBooleanIf true, requires the use of the STARTTLS command. If the server doesn’t support the STARTTLS command, or the command fails, the connect method will fail.FALSE
mail.tls.enableBooleanSupport for STARTTLS. When set, if the email server supports the STARTTLS command, it will be used after making the connection and before sending any login information.N/a
mail.smtp.ssl.trustStringProperty for SMTP protocol provider for the JavaMail API that is used within Falcon Deploy. Server that provides the trust certificate. Usually same as mail.host parameter value.N/a
mail.smtp.authBooleanIf true, attempt to authenticate the user using the AUTH command.FALSE
Updated on March 13, 2019

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